Nataly doesn’t just deliver a talk

She creates a transformative, emotional, and fueling experience for her audiences, opens their hearts and minds with her boldness, vulnerability, and straight talk, and activates them to practice science-backed skills so they can thrive!

About Nataly

Nataly Kogan is a leading expert in optimizing your emotional fitness and elevating your leadership.

With a compelling life story of emigrating from Russia with her family, teaching herself to speak English by watching “Who’s the Boss” on repeat and holding top positions at McKinsey, Microsoft and 5 startups by the time she was 37, Nataly is a fascinating, one-of-a-kind keynote and TEDx speaker.

After years of chasing a non-existent state of nirvana in the corporate world, Nataly was not only unfulfilled, she suffered a debilitating burnout that led her to find a new way. Today, as a best-selling author of 3 books and the CEO of Happier, Inc., Nataly helps tens of thousands of Awesome Humans, leaders, and teams struggle less and thrive more in work and life.

Nataly’s unparalleled, positive, and transformative presentations are an amalgam of her science-backed skills, her business acumen, her unique life experiences and her contagious energy and creativity.

Nataly's Most Popular Talks

Thriving Through Change

An unboring masterclass in inner change management

The Awesome Human Project

Break free from daily burnout, struggle less and thrive more in work and life

The Power of Emotional Fitness @ Work

Fuel your well-being, manage your energy, and find more joy and meaning daily

Leaders, Stop Putting Yourself Last

How emotionally fit leadership propels you and your teams to greatness

Elevating Women Leaders

Bust through mental obstacles, struggle less, and realize your fullest potential

Happier Now!

How to stop chasing perfection and embrace everyday moments (even the difficult ones)

Additional topics:

The Science of Gratitude

How practicing gratitude can fuel individual and organizational well-being, authentic resilience, and top performance

Realistic Self-Care

A interactive learning experience to uncover how to realistically practice self-care to fuel your energy, reduce daily burnout, and feel your best

Envisioning Your Best Self Through Creativity

A hands-on learning experience to explore how creativity can help you break through mental blocks that hold you back from your best self


Nataly was the perfect keynote speaker and her ability to connect with our employees – in the room or by video from across the globe – was amazing. Every employee who attended took away a ‘nugget’ that stayed with them long after her session was over.

- Stacey Hoin, CHRO, GE Capital

Nataly brings a rare combination of authenticity and vibrancy to any stage. She showcases a plethora of life-changing insights for leaders and surrounds them with her amazing personal journey. I would highly recommend her to any event or company.

- Kevin Mullins, VP of Global Communications, Workhuman

Nataly’s emotional fitness keynote inspired our teams globally to find time for self-care, to thrive both in life and in business. A well-received and deeply important message for all to hear, from the top down!

- Adam Wysocki, Director of Global Wellbeing, Thomson Reuters

Nataly was the perfect keynote speaker as we invest in Sleep Number's top performers. As a purpose-driven brand, we strive to always be our best for our customers. Nataly shared tools to be more productive and innovative, while finding more joy everyday.

- Shelly Ibach, CEO, Sleep Number

Nataly gave one of our most successful webinars during coronavirus. She has a true gift to connect with her audience, even in virtual spaces, and was able to engage our more than 400 participants. Her powerful message and authenticity moved everyone.

- Miriam Bredella, MD, Prof. & Vice-Chair Radiology, Harvard Medical School & Mass. General Hospital

Nataly’s story inspired our organization and energized our employees. Her enthusiasm was contagious and action provoking - we could have listened to her speak for hours.

- Ann M. Powell, CHRO, Bristol-Myers Squibb

A few awesome organizations where Nataly has spoken

Virtual? In person? YES!

Nataly has given more than 300 virtual talks since March 2020 (yes, that’s a real number) and masterfully engages her audiences no matter the setting or format.

Company leaders have told us that Nataly’s virtual sessions were the most fully-attended of any of their virtual events — and more fueling, practical, and fun!

Watch Nataly's TEDx Talk