Books you DO, not just read!

Nataly’s books are like having her sit next to you and share inspiration, advice and super simple things you can do right away to feel better, have more energy, and be kinder to yourself.

No fluffy motivational talk, ever.

But a ton of encouragement and positive energy to activate you to make yourself and your emotional fitness a priority!

NEW: The Awesome Human Project

Are you overwhelmed by work, relationships, and responsibilities―and wrestling with inner doubt and fear of burning out?

A leading expert on emotional fitness and leadership, Nataly has helped more than a million people live with greater resilience and joy. Now, with The Awesome Human Project, she makes available to all of us her proven method for reducing daily struggle and burnout, so we can live and work with more energy, joy, and meaning.

Happier Now

Do you find yourself stuck in the “I’ll be happy when . . .” trap, believing that achievements or big life changes are what will bring you lasting happiness?

In Happier Now, Nataly Kogan shares her lifelong struggle of searching for the elusive “big happy” and how she finally made the essential mindset shifts that allowed her to live with more self-compassion, joy, and meaning.

Gratitude Daily

What do happier people all have in common? Gratitude. Time and again, gratitude has been scientifically proven to be a critical ingredient for a happy, healthy life, and in Gratitude Daily, happiness expert Nataly Kogan takes you on a 21-day audio journey to build your gratitude skills.