"Life is made of moments. Choose to create and collect the happy ones."

Hey, I'm Nataly. This is my story.

I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and author passionate about helping people design and live their lives to be what they genuinely want.

I founded Happier, Inc. after my own chase of happiness based on achievement and success failed and I turned to science to understand what truly leads to a happier life. Through our mobile apps and innovative wellness courses, we've helped nearly a million people create and discover small awesome moments in their lives. What I’ve learned from having the privilege to help thousands of people live a more meaningful, fuller life has been incredible and has become the basis for my coaching practice.

Before Happier I was a digital media executive, a venture investor, and an analyst with McKinsey & Co. in NYC. (I managed to squeeze in a few more start-ups in there, including a student-publishing company I ran with my husband from our tiny NYC apartment, but that’s a longer story.)

When I was 13 years old my family and I came as refugees from Russia to the United States. This experience of struggle and triumph and more struggle came to shape a great deal of what and who I am – and was in many ways the foundation for everything I’ve done since.

But the really important stuff is what makes me happier:

  • Making art or cooking with my 11 year-old daughter.
  • Watching movies with my husband, which we’ve been doing since college.
  • Walking in NYC, which is forever my American home, even though we now live in Boston.
  • Wearing crazy rings.
  • Eating croissant ends, steak, cherries, pomegranate and really thick greek yogurt (hopefully not together).
  • Listening to my mom play piano, which she teaches and which I don’t play, but practice with my kiddo, who rocks at it.
  • Going to museums, never missing my favorite Modigliani.
  • Drinking Rioja, California Zins (recent discovery) or Chilean Pinot.
  • Reading Garcia Marquez, Milan Kundera, or Isabel Allende.
  • Talking to my dad while eating cranberries or sunflower seeds and feeling like all will always be OK.
  • Inhaling Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Montreal.