Practice your Awesome Human skills!

Remember: Big positive changes come from small daily practices.

So pick a practice below and do it today!

I would love to cheer you on! So send me a note and tell me 1 thing you did today to support yourself and your emotional fitness.

(And yes, I read all my emails and yes, I REALLY want to know how it’s going!)

3 awesome ways to continue to practice

Attend my monthly Awesome Human Hour

During this live show I host on Zoom, I share emotional fitness skills, super-actionable practices, and a huge dose of positive energy to fuel your well-being and thriving!

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I share simple daily tips and 30-second videos to help you struggle less and thrive more -- and some behind-the-scenes from my work and life!

Listen to the Awesome Human Podcast!

Bring your emotional fitness training (and me in your ear!) with you wherever you are -- on your walks, commute, while you're making dinner. With 75 awesome episodes and counting, you'll always have fuel to help you struggle less and thrive more!


It’s a book you DO, not just read. It includes:

  • My proven science-backed 5-week program to boost your emotional fitness
  • Bite-sized neuroscience lessons so you can learn to be the boss of your brain
  • What awesome leaders do differently and why it matters
  • Ways to get rid of guilt around self-care for good
  • An “SOS” section to help you get out of the Valley of Struggle
  • My wildly popular Notes to Self with inspiration to support your progress
  • Talk Back to Your Brain scripts to quiet (ok, shut up!) your inner critic and doubter

Pick a skill, watch a video, and practice!

Acceptance: Stop shoulding yourself!

Gratitude: Get specific!

Self-Care: Guilt be gone!

Intentional Kindness: Compassion in, stress out

The Bigger Why: To-do list makeover

BONUS! 5 things you should say to yourself EVERY day!

Watch my TEDx talk

Notes to Self (aka important reminders!)