Awesome Human Project

You ARE an Awesome Human!

The Awesome Human Project is a movement to celebrate the humanity, uniqueness and awesomeness inside every one of us — and to give you the tools to brings yours out so you can live with joy and meaning and be a force of good in the lives of others!

It’s time to embrace YOUR Awesome Human!

Awesome Human Project Book cover

The Book!

Coming February 8, 2022!

Life is messy and full of challenges—this is part of being human. But the struggle, anxiety, and burnout that so often accompany these experiences are optional and you can reduce them by embracing your AWESOME human.

In THE AWESOME HUMAN PROJECT, Nataly shares an accessible, super-practical, and unboring guide for reducing daily struggle and burnout so you can live, work, and lead with more energy, joy, and meaning—even during difficult times. 

Awesome Human Hour & Podcast

This unique weekly show — both a podcast and live on Zoom — is all about helping you embrace your inner Awesome Human!

In each episode, Nataly (and sometimes an Awesome Guest) dives into one of the challenges we’re all facing, shares practical tips and strategies to help you work through it, and answers questions from a live audience.

People call this their “best-self hour”– make it yours, too!

Awesome Human Day

February 8, 2022

Join us for a celebration of the humanity, uniqueness, and yes, awesomeness — in ourselves and each other!

We’ve all worked so hard to survive this long pandemic and a very difficult time.

Now it’s time for fresh fuel, joy, and inspiration to help us thrive!

Awesome Humans NFT!

Launches February, 2022!

Nataly’s first-ever NFT art collection!

You are always a work in progress.

Nataly created this collection to inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and humanness!


Awesome Human Project is a movement that celebrates the uniqueness, humanness and awesomeness in all of us!