Your Awesome Human Project

Your Awesome Human Project and Nataly will give you the support, structure, and ongoing encouragement you deserve to help you bring the book to life!

It’s time to embrace YOUR Awesome Human!

Make this your year to struggle less and thrive more!

Bring the book to life!

Nataly brings the book to life and guides you through your own AHP — through the skills, mindset shifts, and practices in her new book, the AHP.

Stick with your practices!

It’s an AWESOME way to stay on track and practice your Awesome Human emotional fitness skills, while getting coached by Nataly and with support of other Awesome Humans.

Get special-sauce Nataly fuel!

This is like Nataly jumping out of the book and into your life to fuel you with tons of her signature positive energy and encouragement.

We kick off on Feb 23!


Nataly will help you bring the book life through:

  • Monthly book-focused webinars
  • Monthly emails with a monthly focus, homework, and lots of support!
  • Exclusive content, handouts, notes to self, and more!
  • A dedicated page with webinar recordings and all materials shared along the way
  • A Community of other awesome humans, on the journey

The first webinar is February 23rd – sign up now!

Awesome Human Project Book cover

The Book!

The BIG promise of this book and this journey is that Nataly will show you how to struggle less, break free from burnout, and live with more energy and joy — and without making huge life changes!

The THE AWESOME HUMAN PROJECT, is a book you DO, not just read.

Nataly will help you:

… quiet your loud inner critic and perfectionist

… bust through guilt around self-care

… learn how to rest (yes, it is a skill!)

… become a better leader (at work and outside of work)

… feel more joy (it’s your life fuel!)

Nataly shares an accessible, super-practical, and unboring guide for reducing daily struggle and burnout so you can live, work, and lead with more energy, joy, and meaning—even during difficult times.

Dear Awesome Human

Dear Awesome Human

Awesome Human Project is a movement that celebrates the uniqueness, humanness and awesomeness in all of us!