"Nataly’s passion for and belief in the power of happiness is palpable and allows her to connect with her audience in a unique way. Our entire group was inspired to reflect on how they can bring more happiness into their own lives. The power of Nataly's words continued to resonate within our walls long after she had left the building!"

Rebekah Pagis | SVP, Group Account Director

"Nataly was the highlight of an all-day offsite meeting for our group. Her background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work and at home were extremely well received. She brings a lot of credibility to the topic, as she is very honest about her own experiences. It was refreshing to hear. I can’t recommend enough including Nataly in a company event."

John Gassmann | Global Business Services

"Nataly addressed our entire community of 500 students and 100 faculty and did an amazing job. Her message is simple, powerful and thought provoking. We have seen a true lasting impressions of her message all over campus; stickers she handed out are on our student’s backpacks, “you rock” cards are being passed about, and most impressive, a student created a “what makes you happy” board that now resides in one of our dorms. Nataly clearly had an incredible and lasting effect on our community."

Chris Millette | Senior Class Dean

My goal is to help you design a fulfilling life you truly want vs. the one you expect of yourself or have come to think you want. I blend pragmatic, ultra-practical advice with work that is more spiritual and asks that you think about things like hope and your true self.

I’ve had about a dozen careers - some with a ton of success and some not -- have built companies, gone through my own work and spiritual crises, and have helped thousands of people discover and create moments of genuine happiness in their life. I infuse my coaching with my own experiences, as well as years of research and work I’ve done around happiness, gratitude, habits, and spirituality.

For full disclosure, you should know I don’t believe in being fearless, find “just do it” advice incredibly impractical, and believe in consistent practice instead of goals. I’ve helped many navigate career transitions, get out of a life rut, become more successful at work and more awesome at life. At the foundation of my practice is a firm belief that we can design a life we truly want, although it’s not an easy undertaking, and not one you should go through alone.

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