Help launch a movement!

The Awesome Human Project is a movement with one mission:

To inspire millions of people to embrace their Awesome Human and live with more joy, meaning and positive impact!

We need your help to launch it into the world!

Hi, I’m Nataly, and I believe there is an Awesome Human inside every single one of us.

Yes, you too!

Not because you’re perfect (no one is!) or because you don’t have ways to improve and grow (we all do!)

You’re an Awesome Human because you have the capacity to create and contribute and be a force of good in the lives of others.

But we’ve become disconnected from our inner goodness — and goodness within each other.

We live in a world that constantly tells us that we’re not good enough or doing enough.

The amount of cultural pessimism around us is overwhelming.

I want to change all that and I need your help.

I want us, together, to help millions of people to embrace their inner Awesome Human, to celebrate their uniqueness and awesomeness, and to master the tools to help them struggle less and live with more joy, meaning, and positive impact!



Become a Founding Member!

We’re assembling a dedicated, committed group of people ready to enthusiastically help The Awesome Human Project reach as many Awesome Humans as possible.

Founding Members will:

  • Be a core part of our team and among the first to receive a digital advance copy of THE AWESOME HUMAN PROJECT!
  • Embody the mission and values of the Awesome Human Project movement by practicing the skills to embrace their Awesome Human
  • Lead the way to get the word out about the movement and THE AWESOME HUMAN PROJECT book
  • Participate in a private Facebook Group, join regular Founding Member Zooms with Nataly and other team members, and have a chance to connect with and fuel each other

If you’re super excited to be part of this amazing Founding Member team and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved, we would love for you to join us!

Please apply by November 25, 2021.

Our world needs us to embrace our Awesome Humans!

There are many problems to solve. Many people who need our help.


You can’t bring your best, fullest capacity to your work or craft or positively impact other people’s capacity to thrive if you’re constantly criticizing yourself and feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you want to be a force of good in our world, you need to embrace your Awesome Human by creating a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts and emotions, and other people.

This is what it means to embrace your Awesome Human!