The Awesome Human Project @ Work

It’s been a tough few years (what an understatement!)

We would LOVE to help you and your teams shift from struggling to thriving with The Awesome Human Project!

Check out the awesome book bonuses below and get in touch with us so we can help you and your Awesome Humans kick off 2022 with more energy, joy and positive impact!

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Awesome Human Project Book cover

The gift of the book!

Each copy of The Awesome Human Project will arrive in early February with beautiful gifts:

– A special keepsake bookmark with Nataly’s art

– A beautiful autograph sticker with Nataly’s signature

And if you’d like to personalize this gift (perhaps with a note to your employees), we can make that happen too.

Books can be shipped directly to individual addresses or in bulk to your offices.

Special discount pricing is available for 100+ books.

Larger bulk orders may include a free Fireside Chat with Nataly (more below!).

Bonus: 21-Day Happier Challenge!

If you commit before the end of the year, Nataly’s most popular digital course — the 21-Day Happier Challenge — is included with each book!

Feel more joyful, energized, and better able to handle stress!

You can do this challenge together as a team or company or encourage your employees to do it on their own time to fit their needs, before or after the holidays — the course comes with lifetime access!

Awesome Human Day Event!

When you purchase The Awesome Human Project for your team or organization, everyone will be invited to our unique and energizing virtual event on February 8th — Awesome Human Day!

Think big dose of positive energy and permission to shift to thriving with brand new content from Nataly and mind-body interactive experiences. Plus awesome guests, surprises, and Nataly will even live-paint a mural with audience participation!

The Awesome Human Project @ Work Tour

With larger bulk purchases of The Awesome Human Project, we will schedule a virtual Fireside Chat with Nataly for your team or organization (at no additional fee!)

This is a unique and AWESOME opportunity to fuel your people with Nataly’s signature contagious energy and science-backed skills and practices.

Let us know you’re interested below!

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