5-Week Emotional Fitness Challenge has kicked off!

Our challenge has begun!

Unfortunately, we’re not able to accomodate late sign ups due to how the challenge works.

If you missed it, no worries! Sign up for Nataly’s email (at the bottom of the page) to be notified when we do it again!

Keep being an Awesome Human!


Make your emotional fitness a priority

You can’t give what you don’t have. Fuel your emotional fitness to create a more supportive relationship with yourself, better manage stress, and have more energy!

Stick with your practices

This challenge is an AWESOME way to dig in and practice your emotional fitness skills on a daily basis — and to get guidance and support from me and other Awesome Humans!

Get motivated, inspired, and fueled

This is the closest I can come to jumping out of the book and into your life to fuel you with tons of positive energy, motivation and fuel!

Here’s how the 5-week challenge will work:

  • Each week: We’ll focus on 1 Emotional Fitness Skill together: Acceptance, Gratitude, Self-Care, Intentional Kindness, and The Bigger Why!
  • Every Monday: I’ll email you a short video, where I’ll introduce the focus skill and practice for the week and always fuel you with awesome energy!
  • Every Wednesday: You’ll have a Note to Self in your email to inspire you to keep practicing!
  • Every Friday: There will be a weekly reflection prompt, special award, and chance to win prizes!

And there’s more!

  • Join me for our kick-off webinar on May 18th: Think of this like coming to one of my keynotes about emotional fitness (but it’s free – and you’ll get the recording!)
  • Group support: If you want, you’ll be able to connect with other Awesome Humans doing the challenge in our Awesome Human Project Facebook Group
Awesome Human Project Book cover

Get your book!

You’ll need a copy of THE AWESOME HUMAN PROJECT to get the most out of this challenge.

This book is an accessible, super-practical, and unboring guide to help you struggle less, break free from daily burnout and live, work, and lead with more energy, joy, and meaning.

It’s a book you DO, not just read.

And with this challenge, I’ll help you DO it!

The ORIGINAL Awesome Human Hoodie!

SO many Awesome Humans have been asking me to make the Awesome Human Hoodie available for purchase – and here it is!

It’s soft, it’s bright, it features my original drawing of the Awesome Human logo — and it’s your daily reminder to embrace your Awesome Human!

Grab yours for the 5-week challenge (and beyond!)


Here’s an awesome handout of the skills you’ll learn and practice!